Warrior Athletics Ninja Gym Aluminum Truss

VersaTruss has once again been awarded a contract for another Warriors Ninja Gym. This relatively new application for the VersaTruss exhibit and display truss line clearly displays the versatility of this exclusive product.

We at VersaTruss are honored to take part in providing our truss to further advance the health of our children in such a positive way.

Below we will address why VersaTruss has been chosen as the leading structure provider for the Ninja gym application but first let’s look at the application itself.

What is a Ninja gym?

It’s always exciting when the truss arrives.

Ninja athletes aren’t just found on TV. NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior,” which has competitors racing through ingenious and diabolical obstacles, has sparked the development of ninja gyms and leagues across the country. The locales train future ninja warriors, and often cater to kids, who come for parties and training.

Many sports out there are great for the legs and for cardio — basketball, football, and soccer will keep kids running and pumping blood through their veins. While these are all great activities, they don’t come anywhere close to the exercises you subconsciously perform while training on obstacle courses in a ninja warrior gym. Throwing a ball will certainly keep your muscles loose and limber, but nothing compares to the amount of upper body strength you gain from successfully mastering different pieces of an obstacle course.

Ninja Warrior Gyms are the newest trend in fitness that has taken human physical abilities to the next level. No more boring hours on a treadmill of lifting weights to get fit and creating muscle memory concerns, the Ninja Warrior Gym approach attacks all of the bodies physical needs at one time including strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, agility concentration and focus. It’s considered by many as the most complete workout available today as it draws on the brain’s survival skills to achieve a higher level of fitness.

Finally, At a ninja warrior gym, there is no competition; everyone is simply working together to do the very best they can when tackling each and every obstacle. It’s more of a battle against themselves to constantly improve rather than a competition or comparison to other members.

Why The Warrior Ninja Gym Series Has Chosen VersaTruss

With over three decades of custom display truss experience, VersaTruss provides one of the highest grades of truss available on the market today. When it comes to safety, this is a critical factor to be considered when designing and configuring a Ninja Warrior Gym. Both the three and four cord series of display truss are manufactured from 2″ -50-mm- “OD” outside diameter aircraft grade aluminum with a wall thickness of .065″- 1.6-mm and .5″ “OD” outside diameter webbing with a  12.7 mm- webbing. This high-grade aluminum welded product configuration is the secret behind the beauty and resilience of this product and provides the perfect  solution for the Ninja Warrior Gym foundation.

With all of these positive attributes the VersaTruss aluminum truss system provides a cost-effective solution that benefits everyone. Its modular characteristics allow gym designers to update their ninja gym structures simply by re-configuring components and adding new pieces as required. Expanding the truss foundation is simple easy and new components can typically be on site within days of ordering.

A Closer Look at The Truss

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Material – Like any other manufactured product the total finished product is only as good as its foundation. Using sub-standard aluminum in any structure will quickly lead to disappointment and frustration. At VersaTruss, we only use high quality aircraft aluminum, unlike many of our competitors our main cord configuration again is a full 2” diameter with .065”wall thickness.

Welding – Weld quality is equal in importance to the aluminum chosen in the manufacturing process. Each weld must not only be cosmetically pleasing to the eye, but proper weld penetration and smooth weld transition is a requirement to manufacturing a great truss product.

Appearance – Each truss component must be manufactured to perfection. Webbing must be spaced at the proper pitch and angle using precision tooling to achieve not only a resilient product but a cosmetically appealing product.

Strength, Modularity – VersaTruss is heading into its fourth decade of existence. We guarantee that the very first piece of truss that was manufactured by VersaTruss will mate with any truss component manufactured today. Yes the tools have changed and improved over the years but our high quality product line has never changed since day one.


From a specification point of view every linear foot of truss weighs in at a mere 3 pounds. 8 feet of truss weighs in at 24 pounds. See below for further linear and connector weights and metric conversions.

Linear truss Weight Table

 Weight Bearing Capability

After reviewing the specs its easy to see why VersaTruss has been chosen to provide so many of these amazing structures.


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