Automotive Trade Shows and VersaTruss

If you are into motor sports of any kind than you have to be familiar with the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo.

The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo or more commonly known as the  (AAPEX) show has been the premier event featuring global aftermarket auto parts industry. Basically, a showcase of products like automotive lighting systems, sound moderators, cooling systems, Friction and Brake circuits, Engine and Transmission parts, Gear systems, Automotive Hand tools and just about anything else you can think of including a barrage of high performance components.

The reason why VersaTruss is interested in the AAPEX is simple, we have been providing aluminum event truss to exhibitors at this show for over 30 years.

Make no mistake, at this show you would be hard pressed to walk more than ten feet without finding a truss display. Aluminum event truss offers an appeal to this style of exhibitor. For the car enthusiast, lets face it, truss is shiny, its clean and it looks modern…SOLD… motorsport enthusiasts are attracted to shiny, and the shinier the better.

The VersaTruss product line as stated many times is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum. This type of aluminum is an extremely resistant product that holds its luster for years without concern.

Industry Leading Aluminum Truss Systems –  VersaTruss

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