Original Truss Archway at the SOBEWFF by VersaTruss

Not that long ago, we had posted an article about a new Archway that had been manufactured and delivered to  The Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival “SOBEWFF” for 2019. This entrance archway as seen to the left was a large square truss structure that was built for the new main entrance for the show itself. You can read in detail about the new archway by clicking HERE.

Now let’s take a walk back in time and review the original curved archway that was again manufactured by VersaTruss. This archway still is in use today in the location of the original entrance into the SOBEWFF which is not the secondary entrance.

Now we all know that Florida can experience high wind conditions, salt spray and heavy rain especially on the frontal beach locations like South Beach. The original truss entranced that was delivered has been in service for several years is a perfect example of the resilience of the VersaTruss product line.

If you look closely you can see that the truss still holds its original beautiful luster that sparkles in the sun. It provides a clean defined appearance perfect for a wine and food tasting event.

Better yet, it is also a perfect example of how a truss tradeshow booth or exterior entrance can have its look and feel changed simply by upgrading the graphics using the original structure as the foundation.

This older entrance is manufactured using the VersaTruss four cord configuration. It offers two large side locations for  advertising banners with a large center square section for additional banners. The beauty of this style of entranceway is the curved top assembly  which provides additional eye appeal for and additional large banner that can be seen for long distances.

The Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival is an amazing event, take part in tasting some of the most intriguing foods paired with the most amazing wines available. If you plan to attend, take a second look at the truss archways provided by VersaTruss.

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