Build an Amazing Trade Show Booth on a Small Budget

Truly amazing trade show booths that can compete with larger organizations can be accomplished on a relatively small budget.

The first thing to do is purchase a tradeshow truss exhibit. A typical quality 10 x 10 trade show booth can be purchased in the neighbourhood of $2000.00. Considering the potential return on investment this is a small price to pay.

Once you have a trade show structure in place it is time to accessorize and add options that meet the needs of your display goals.

Graphics are a key ingredient to your display and should be created professionally however with that said, using a black back drop and mounting a medium sized graphic works well for entry level displays. As long as the graphics clearly define your company logo, name and your products or services you will be good to go.

Flat panel monitors can be purchased at relatively cheap prices however second hand monitors are now a dime a dozen and a 42” or larger monitor can be purchased in the $100 to $150 range.

Creating a presentation for your monitor can be as simple and cheap as creating a Power Point Presentation to hiring a company to create a short video. In any case monitors are cheap and provide entertainment for potential clients while you are networking with others.

Add some sort of a mat or base for your display, this will add to the comfort and décor and can be a simple remnant from your local flooring store.

Add a chair that fits into your décor also for clients to have a seat if necessary

The rest of your essentials can be found around the house i.e. sound systems for background music, phone charges etc.

In summary a quality trade show booth can easily be developed and on a limited budget for under $3000. The key is to start with a quality trade show booth structure and build on that foundation as your business grows.

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