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In the wonderful world of display truss the curved truss effect always adds more depth to an exhibit booth, entranceway, start line or archway. It offers a unique appearance that catches the eye immediately.

Many companies advertise that they can manufacture curved truss but when the truss is delivered, it has bend marks, flats and burs from the bending process. These defects are caused by two main factors, a) the bending equipment is not large enough to handle the 2” aluminum runs or the operator bent the tube to fast causing it to bend in a curl instead of a curve and then requires straightening after the fact.

At VersaTruss, our custom shop is fully outfitted with the latest technology in pipe bending equipment. It’s a slow process that requires patience and expertise. The pipe needs to be bend slowly and naturally allowing the aluminum walls to normalize throughout the process. When it is bend with care, the pipe will not require straightening nor will it spring back months after it has been delivered, it will stay intact and in its original shape for ever.


At VersaTruss, we use dies and roll the pipe gently into its curve. The pipe is wrapped to protect its beautiful lustre finish. Once the pipe bending process is complete, whether it be a curve or full circle, the pipe is then inspected for perfection then polished to insure there are no marks left on the finished product.

This allows for further processing including final assemble to guarantee a perfect fit on site.


Curved Display Truss

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