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After over three (3) decades, VersaTruss has seen it all. We have proudly supported just every industry with our high quality, versatile display truss product lines.

VersaTrussFrom the smallest of exhibit displays to the largest trendy fashion show and automotive exhibits, we have seen our truss on every continent in the world. We have visited the most prestigious fashion shows and concerts providing customized provocative designs to support the most intricate creations.

We have curved, bent and customized our truss into every shape imaginable. Our complex multi directional stacked compound angles have been the cornerstone for some of the most unimaginable shapes. The VersaTruss product line is by far the most versatile on the market, pair this with the sky is the limit attitude at VersaTruss and you get a product that has the capability to challenge the imagination of the most flamboyant designers. Some of our best work is hidden under banners and custom skins. The  adaptability of our two (2), three (3) and four (4) cord truss lines give designers the freedom to create the most captivating shapes with ease as the truss itself inherently is extremely stable structurally sound and resilient.

We have been there for some of the biggest races in the world, from Formula 1 and NASCAR to international marathons. We have the capability to build large span start and finish NASCAR Diplay Trusslines but we understand that not all races are the same. We have provided thousands of start and finish lines for local races in small towns with archways starting at (8) feet with an attractive price to match. We take pride in our ability to support both large and small organized events. Keep in mind your VersaTruss Start and finish line can either be portable or permanent depending on your needs. Further as your event grows in popularity which is very common in the marathon industry, increasing the size of your archway is only a phone call away.

With a track record of 30 years plus and counting,  providing exceptional customer service and leading edge products, all exhibitors have to start somewhere. At VersaTruss, we offer our industry leading truss in kits for customers looking for standard shapes and sizes. The same truss, the same quality yet at exceptionally competitive process. Our modernized manufacturing facility has reduced waste to a fraction of our competitors allowing us to provide superior products at incredibly competitive prices.

For the newbie to the trade show business, our 10×10, 10×20 or 20×20 aluminum truss display kits are the perfect solution. You get our high quality truss packaged and ready to go with all of the hardware required to build your kit ready for accessorizing. But wait, what if you want to grow your presence. Give us a call; all of our kits are inherently modular by design. Further our truss configuration has never changed since our inception. A truss component that was manufactured thirty (30) years ago will mate with any component manufactured today and for years to come.

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What can you expect when you contact VersaTruss?

  • Fast immediate response to your questions and needs
  • Free design support
  • Industry leading products
  • Courteous customer support
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast delivery
  • Award winning support and follow-up

When you work with VersaTruss, you have a team behind you ready to support your trade show, exhibit and special function display truss needs.


If you have any further questions, Please feel free to contact us Today!

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