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We have been asked year after year-

How can VersaTruss manufacture the highest quality commercial grade display truss at such low prices?

Portable Truss Trade Show Booths ModularAt VersaTruss, we have been creating modular truss trade show booths, exhibits, lighting truss and kiosks for over three (3) decades. Our processes have been streamlined and optimized positioning our manufacturing facility to create aluminum display truss at the highest “repeatable” quality standards possible. In parallel we have reduced our waist to the bare minimum.

These attributes have allowed us to keep our costs down and in some cases reduce our prices while our competitors have increased theirs.

Keeping in mind that the price of structural aluminum has skyrocketed over the last 7 or to ten years, our process optimization has allowed VersaTruss to offset these increases.

In addition to optimizing our processes, we use precision tooling and jigs that guarantee a repetive product year after year.

What does this all mean for our customers?

Over and above the obvious cost savings and high quality, any truss component that is manufactured today will mate with the a component that was built thirty (30) years ago. We have truss structures that have been in service since day one. In many cases however these booths and structures have been modified, changed shape many times and increased in size. This is made possible because all of our standard products are modular by design.

What about custom components?

Our custom shop not only has the capability to create any configuration of aluminum display truss including incredibly complex curves, compound angles and free form shapes but all of these shapes can be incorporated into standard booths as all of the mating components meet our strict quality standards.

It is difficult to purchase a truss trade show booth or structure?

We offer over thirty standard sized booths and structures. Any of these booths can be ordered and shipped within 24 hours.

Nonstandard or custom booths take a little longer however keep in mind, all of our products are North American made in our very own facility allowing us to deliver our products quickly and efficiently. Many of our competitors do not manufacture their own truss products and import them from overseas. These products can take anywhere from two (2) to four weeks (4) to arrive and if there are quality or fit issues it can take weeks to get errors corrected.

As you can see VersaTruss offers so many advantages over our competition, but why take our word for it. Give us a call at 1 (888) 430-7613 and compare prices and quality.


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