Easy Fit Display Truss

What does the term, “Easy Fit Display Truss” mean, well it means exactly how it sounds? If you are one of those unlucky people that decided to try an overseas manufacturer and struggle to assemble your display time and time again, and as the days turn into weeks then moths it gets more difficult to assemble instead of easier, than you know exactly what we are talking about.

Many of the cheap North American display truss manufactures as well as many  overseas companies use substandard aluminum, the aluminum has many unwanted characteristics that are damaging to a display and in fact degrade quickly. For example, the truss does not hold its beautiful luster for any length of time further, because the aluminum is softer, the mating parts quickly deteriorate and become almost impossible to assemble. Further complicating this issue is that the structures themselves are quickly manufactured without any thought to precision so the structure does not fit together in a smooth concise manner.

VersaTruss uses only aircraft aluminum in all their displays. Each component is crafted using precision jigs to insure that each components is the same and will virtually mate with any other component even if the mating components was manufactured 30 years ago. This is the beauty of the VersaTruss Product line. Its simple, its high quality, it fits and will virtually last a lifetime of normal wear and tear.

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