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Exhibit truss displays and trade show booth displays are so easy when you use the modular display truss system manufactured by VersaTruss, Making-Trade-Show-Display-and-Exhibit-Truss-Simplethe premier manufacturer of modular display truss products. Whether you need display truss, lighting truss, stage truss or exhibit truss, our display truss kits are preconfigured and ready to set-up right out of the box. You’ll realize that our exhibit truss offers flexibility, easy set-up, and lots of accessories from lighting to monitor displays. Staging the perfect exhibit display at your next trade show has never been so simple. VersaTruss is also a great destination for truss accessories including clamps, base plates, truss junctions  and more. From simple truss displays to show-stopping large truss booths, VersaTruss provides the highest quality truss display systems combined with qualified exhibit design advice and service.

Advantages to the VersaTruss Modular Exhibit and Display Truss System:

  • VersaTruss also offers their patented quick clip option that replaces the standard assembly hardware with a simple slide on clip for even faster assembly.
  • VersaTruss manufactures 1” and 2” truss diameters. Both are available in ladder, triangular and box truss configurations.
  • VersaTruss stocks a full range of modular truss components which allows shipping of our modular systems to take place within 24 hours of order receipt.
  • The VersaTruss lighting truss system is more than just a product, it will change the way you look at and use display truss systems forever.  It’s a perfect combination of Design, Strength, Speed and Simplicity.
  • The VersaTruss system offers resilience like no other. Manufactured from structural aluminum, our modular truss system lends itself to withstanding the harshest weather conditions without concern.
  • The VersaTruss connection system allows any like parts to be assembled giving trade show booth designers and owners the ability to increase, decrease or completely change the configuration of their booth simply by adding or removing components.
  • VersaTruss offers a wide range of truss sizes and configurations with a full customization capability to meet the needs of the most complex truss design.

When it comes to custom exhibit and display truss including custom colors, Think VersaTruss

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