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The upcoming IBS “International Beauty Show” being held on March 6th to 8th 2016 is America’s biggest professional-only beauty show that brings with it an elaborate LLrange of beauty and salon products that includes everything from skin-care to nail-care to hair-care products to those related to personal-hygiene. Salon professionals flock to this event to stock up on their high end product needs and check on the latest developments that have come about in the beauty industry. Salon professionals all the more flock to this event to avail of the free educational sessions with top industry experts that come about as an added bonus for visitors. Held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, IBS New York presents a one stop solution for all professional salons and beauty needs.

From an exhibit and display point of view, VersaTruss has been providing our precision display truss to many of its exhibitors for years.

The VersaTruss product line offers a fresh modern look that blends well with the beauty industry.

The high fashion and beauty industry relies heavily upon lighting, precision displays and craftsmanship. The VersaTruss product line lends itself to this industry for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is the high quality cosmetic appearance compared to our competitors that really creates the buzz that makes our products so popular in this lucrative commodity.

All of our products are fabricated from high quality structural aluminum. What this means for exhibitors, is that the truss offers a high “seamless” lustre typically not found in other truss products. In addition the truss will hold its beautiful flawless appearance for years.ll-1

Modularity is another key factor that plays a critical role in the fashion show exhibit industry. The fashion industry itself, never stops changing. It is a living evolving entity that never sleeps and takes on a life of its own. Fashion trends cand and do change on a heartbeat, and companies need the flexibility to keep up with this fast paced industry. The VersaTruss aluminum truss product line offers large organizations and exhibitors alike can change the appearance, size and shape of their exhibit on the fly simply by adding or removing individual components.

Many fashion industry leaders have both modular and custom truss products in their main headquarters simply because of its ultra modern look.

From coast to coast, where you find fashion industry gatherings, you will find VersaTruss.

For more information one the IBS New York-The International Beauty Show go to http://10times.com/ibs-new-york


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