Outdoor Sport Trade Shows and VersaTruss

Outdoor Sport Trade Shows and VersaTruss

The sport industry particularity the outdoor sport industry for example, hunting, fishing, boating etc. extensively use the VersaTruss modular truss system.
Throughout the US, the outdoor activity industry contributes billions of dollars each year to the economy from guns and outfitters to boating and pleasure, Americans take their outdoor sports seriously.
In all of these industries and shows alike, you can rest assured that VersaTruss will be attending. From our standard trade show truss kits to our majestic custom truss structures. VersaTruss has had deep roots in the outdoor sports industry for over three decades.

Major Boat Shows


Major Outdoor Sportsman Show


We typically provide a wide range of sizes and shapes for these trade shows. Outfitters like our truss kits predominantly using 10 x10 to 20 x 20 booths. These booths are modular by design, allowing the business to increase or decrease the footprint quickly and efficiently.
For the smaller more traditional exhibitor the smaller booths provide an excellent housing for tables, and smaller type displays.
The boating industry tends to prefer peripheral truss as it provides an excellent boundary for larger products with the added bonus of overhead lighting and wide signage opportunities.
When it comes to really large companies, the sky is the limit. Not only is the Versatruss modular display system modular, but large custom components can be incorporated into the display including curves, angles and numerous structure levels for added impact for potential customers. These magnificent structures are always a show piece and labeled as a center piece for the show in question. Trade show organizers love this style of booth because it leaves a lasting impression for patrons, drawing them back year after year.
No matter how big or small or simple or intricate your display truss needs are. VersaTruss has the perfect solution to meet your needs providing a high quality product at a reasonable cost.

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