Trade Show Booths and Structures for Outdoor Display / Exhibit Applications

Trade Show Booths and Structures for Outdoor Display / Exhibit Applications

Trade shows that are typically held outside and retailers that also have outdoor displays love the VersaTruss product line for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, the modular truss system manufactured by VersaTruss can withstand extremely harsh weather conditions. High winds, rain, sleet, snow and extreme temperature variations have Modular Truss Trade Show Booths For Outdoor Applicationsno effect on the on the modular truss system. Further more, exposing the truss system to the elements will not effect its beautiful lustre.

For the outdoor trade show enthusiast, the modular system can be assembled in minutes depending on the size of the booth in question. If the region is known to have extreme wind or storm conditions the large optional feet with ground pegs will hold the structure securely in place.

For retailers looking for a more permanent solution, the optional large booth feet can be bolted into concrete, decking or any other solid surface / structure offering an everlasting solution. Many of our retail customers use the VersaTruss display structure system to further increase their retail footprint with only a marginal investment.

When comparing the cost of a modular aluminum truss system to permanent construction the cost is nominal. A 10 x 10 tri truss structure can be purchased for approximately $2000 which includes everything required to assemble the kit. That works out to $20 a square foot which equates to a fraction of the cost of typical construction.

Another application where we see the VersaTruss modular system is in the restaurant industry. Our modular truss structures are used as cover frames for patios, providing patrons protection from the sun and rain.


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