Setting Up Your First Trade Show Booth

For the small business owner, setting up a trade show both can be a scary intimidating concept when in fact it really is quite simple. For starters, the beautiful
VersaTruss_optaluminum truss structures are not really that expensive when you think about what you are getting. Modular truss trade show booths offer a lifetime of service. They are modular by design allowing footprint modifications; they are easily accessorized and look amazing. So let’s do the numbers. You want to create a 10 x 10 trade show booth, and you can reasonably expect that you will attend three shows a year and will have your trade show booth for 10 years before you need to change it. A 10 x 10 trade show booth from VersaTruss costs in the neighborhood of $2000.00. At 3 shows a year and 10 years of static service that works out to $66.66 dollars per show. Now let’s take a closer look at the additional potential savings. If you decide to increase the size of your trade show booth, all you would need is singular components, your initial investment is still used so you do not have any loss of capital 10x10unlike most other display structures.
Now depending on your product offering, a limited amount of furniture is required, display tables, chairs, monitors etc. All of these components can be borrowed or purchased second hand at incredible savings. The key to setting up your booth is that whatever you choose to use, i.e. furniture etc, it must be in excellent condition. Shabby accessories simply do not attract potential customers.
In reality a person could set up an elaborate trade show booth for under $2500, plus your product inventory.
Get help from friends, sketch out your floor plan then acquire your required accessories and displays.
Setting up a trade show booth in reality is this simple.


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