Truss Trade Show Booths for the Newbie Exhibitor

For the entrance level exhibitor new to the trade show industry, the challenge is to find the right platform as the foundation for the exhibit. Minimum requirements for this are:

  • Flexibility in presentation
  • Cost effective
  • Easily handled
  • Creates atmosphere

Every year trade show professionals evaluate surveys and watch the public’s reaction to certain elements at trade shows to refine their approach. The one element that for the VSmost part patrons tend to agree on is atmosphere. In other words, people want to feel like they have entered a different world or area when they enter each exhibit. This criterion has a whopping 94.3% agreement response. Basically, the public wants to not only look at your products, but they want to experience your products and services. This is where a standard truss trade show booth comes into play. By using one of these structures as the foundation for your trade show exhibit, you have immediately created not only optical boundaries, but physical boundaries. Patrons will feel like they are in your world. Now it is up to you to create the experience.

Creating the customer experience can be as simple as proper lighting and dimming effects to interactive media platforms and signage, but keep in mind your customers need something tangible to create a memory, this can be as simple as a handout our a hands test. In any case the booth creates the boundaries and draws people in, now you need to entertain their curiosity.

Getting back to the trade show booth itself, all you have to do is listen to people talk at the trade show food court. Typically you will hear people discussing what they have seen, but you need to listen to how they express each booth. You will more than likely here something along the following – For flat one dimensional displays for example press boards, people will say did you see, or did you visit. When a trade show booth is added to the equation, they will ask, did you visit, did you go in and the discussion typically has more detail. This is caused by the change of landscape or atmosphere.

By creating your own independent zone, you have immediately opened a physiological door in each patron, If is up to you to pass through the door and create the vision.

In simple terms, the trade show boot structure itself, immediately gives you the upper hand at any trade show booth. Leave the open areas boundary free displays to the big boys, they already have a branded name and can create a different type of experience, but for the new exhibitor looking to create a vision and memory, boundaries, atmosphere and landscape are your key ingredients for success.

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