Truss Trade Show Booth Tricks

From the get-go your goal is to design a trade show booth that will make a statement and stand out in the crowd. Before you begin however there are a few considerations that must be  observed. The initial considerations that need to be reviewed are as follows:

Durability and strength – How long will I need the trade Show Booth?

Portability/ mobility – How easily can I transport the booth?

Affordability – What is my budget?

Many new exhibitors have spent thousands of dollars on prefabricated trade show booths only to find out they are not resilient, not easily transported and require frequent maintenance because they are manufactured from sub-standard materials.

For a short period of time, new display products popped up on the market crafted from plastic. At first site, they look great until they get to their second tradeshow and the trouble begins, this style of booth offers absolutely no durability. They cannot handle the rough treatment that they receive during both transit and setup. Quickly these beautiful structures become aged and unappealing.

With this said aluminum truss trade show booths in comparison are by far the best investment of all by all standards. These beautiful structures offer a cost-effective approach which far exceeds any other means to create a tradeshow expo booth. No matter how you look at it, display truss products offer an innovative and attractive approach to attendees of any trade show or convention. With all these benefits, there is more! No matter how simple or complex the design, VersaTruss will ensure that each piece will be manufactured in a subassembly style with sizing that is lightweight and easy to handle and transport. Finally, VersaTruss offers three main configurations of truss which allows us to create a trade show booth that can virtually handle any weight load.

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