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Exhibiting at the PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo

PDN PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo is a great place to not only see the latest and greatest photography products and features but is also an excellent platform to see the detail and quality of the VersaTruss Modular Display Truss product line. The PDN PhotoPlu International Conference offers over 80 conference seminars between Oct. 29th… Continue Reading

Integrating Aluminum Truss into Your Trade Show Exhibit

As small companies grow, they quickly realize that simple backboard displays and tables no longer present their company to the professional level that they require to experience continued growth. If the company in question was lucky enough to start out with a modular truss trade show booth, growth and additional accessories would have been a… Continue Reading

Why Are Trade Shows So Important

Trade Shows Have Become a Critical Ingredient for Company Growth and Stability The need for Companies and Corporate Identities alike to have a public front at trade shows, conventions and expos has increased to the point that it is almost success suicide if they choose not to participate in public exhibitions. The public wants and expects… Continue Reading

Portable Truss Trade Show Booths

Companies very rarely take part in only one trade show per year. Statistics show on average most companies take part in a minimum of four shows within a twelve month timeframe with many exceeding twenty per year. The simple reason for this is that company branding, repetitive product presentation and availability is critical for businesses… Continue Reading

Trade Show Season is Upon Us

This years Trade Show Season is well on its way. The industry is ramping up for spring home shows, marine, auto, electronic shows and a host of other industries looking to release the latest and greatest products and models. Even the military and counter terror expos are ready for companies to present their latest defence… Continue Reading

Trade Show Booths Forever

The world is forever changing, technology is continuously advancing at a pace never seen before and there doesn’t seem to be an end on the horizon anytime soon. But in the world of change and growth, some things were just meant to be. Take for example aluminum display truss, companies have tried to create lightweight… Continue Reading

Portable Modular Truss Trade Show Booths

Portable Modular Trade Show Booths, The best of both worlds! VersaTruss offers one of the most versatile trade show booths available on the market today. Offering both modularity and portability their truss product line is hard to beat. Each and every component of their truss trade show booth system is modular by design. Each component… Continue Reading