The Fatal Error for First Time Trade Show Enthusiasts

At VersaTruss, our business is providing truss trade show booths for the exhibit industry. With almost four decades of business history, you might say we might have a little bit more experience than the average person on the street. Time and time again, we see new companies, typically smaller companies contacting us for their trade show booth needs. Here is where the fatal error takes place.

VersaTruss Plus Trade Show BoothsEveryone wants to have a grand looking exhibit, that is large and in charge. They want to compete with their larger more experienced competitors who typically have many more years of established business and a larger exhibit budget. So we see so many new customers wanting to purchase 20 x 20 trade show structures or larger for their first display structure. They are shocked at how economical trade show truss booths are compared to other display systems.

What they don’t take into consideration are the additional costs of outfitting the larger booths with decor – “flooring, curtains, artwork, and products”. In addition the cost to rent the square footage at any tradeshow is very expensive and yes they charge by the footprint size. Plus the larger the exhibit booth, the more paid employees it takes to successfully operate and maintain it typically for a three or four day time period.

At VersaTruss we have a long standing reputation of creating and maintaining relationships with our customers. We have customers that have been dealing with us since day 1. With this said, we do our best to convince new customers to start small. Start with a 10 x 10 or a 10 x 20 and put your efforts into the detail and finishing of the booth, make sure your booth is attractive “curb side appeal” draw potential customers in with your products and displays. A small well designed trade show booth will outperform a larger sparsely accessorized booth every time and a well designed small exhibit can and will easily compete with the big boys.

The advantage of using the VersaTruss modular truss system is that you can increase the footprint of your booth at any given time simply by ordering additional components. For example a 10 x 10 can easily become a 10 x 20 by adding two connecting sleeves, two 10 foot lengths of truss and some hardware or create a 20 x 20 again simply by adding components. Your initial investment is not lost and will seamlessly blend into your new display.

If you are new to the trade show business and want some free advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call, our customer service reps will be glad to give you a helping hand and get our trade show exhibit off on the right foot.

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