The Trade Show Booth Bible – Top 10 Steps for Success


At VersaTruss your success is our success. With over thirty years in the truss trade show booth business, we have repeat customers that have been with us since day one. We take pride in our products and providing exceptional customer service. Choose from our modular truss trade show booths and systems or have us create… Read more »

Truss Start and Finish Line Archways

The VersaTruss modular truss system is simply the most versatile and convenient cost effect solution for race event start and finish lines. VersaTruss offers light weight structures for both modular and custom applications to create the perfect assembly for mounting sponsor banners and signage. Our truss start and finish lines assemble quickly and easily creating… Read more »

Portable Truss Trade Show Booths

Companies very rarely take part in only one trade show per year. Statistics show on average most companies take part in a minimum of four shows within a twelve month timeframe with many exceeding twenty per year. The simple reason for this is that company branding, repetitive product presentation and availability is critical for businesses… Read more »

Exhibit and Display Truss

VersaTruss offers a wide selection of exhibit and display truss for a wide range of applications. We produce modular and custom trade show booths, custom truss entrances and exits for commercial applications, Start and finish archway lines for sporting events, kiosks, banner stands and residential accent applications. Check out VersaTruss Today Web – Phone… Read more »

Trade Show Booths Forever

The world is forever changing, technology is continuously advancing at a pace never seen before and there doesn’t seem to be an end on the horizon anytime soon. But in the world of change and growth, some things were just meant to be. Take for example aluminum display truss, companies have tried to create lightweight… Read more »

Circular-Display and Lighting Truss

Good to Great – Add a new dimension to your trade show exhibit, display, kiosk, lighting system or custom truss entranceway by incorporating curved or circular truss elements into you display system. Staying ahead of the completion and standing out in the crowd is the name of the game at any trade show or conference…. Read more »

Portable Modular Truss Trade Show Booths

Portable Modular Trade Show Booths, The best of both worlds! VersaTruss offers one of the most versatile trade show booths available on the market today. Offering both modularity and portability their truss product line is hard to beat. Each and every component of their truss trade show booth system is modular by design. Each component… Read more »

Winterlude Ottawa Canada Embraces the Versa Truss Modular Truss System

Winterlude in Ottawa Canada is an international celebration of winter. It attracts over 700,000 visitors many of which are international travelers that want to take in the international ice sculpture competition and of course skate on the longest skating rink in the world. Organizers of this incredible winter wonderland celebration have embraced the Versa Truss… Read more »

Versatruss Display Truss Meets Stereo Plus & Design Ottawa

If you are looking for a perfect example of exhibit truss used in the retail business or you want to browse some really incredible audio visual equipment, visit Stereo Plus & Design Ottawa’s premier source for home entertainment technology and professional installation in Stittsville Ontario. Stereo Plus & Design is Ottawa’s leading source for home… Read more »