The Perfect Way to Present yourself at your next Trade Show

Congratulations! .. You’ve Found It .. The Perfect Way to Present yourself at your next Trade Show Trade show exhibits come and go but Truss Trade Show Booths are forever. When you apply all of the basic principles of trade show excellence and you incorporate it under the foundation of a Versatruss trade show booth… Read more »

Get the Display System that Grows When You Grow

VersaTruss exhibit and display truss modular truss display systems not only offer convenience and strength as well as great looks but the ability to grow your display as your business grows. Each and every modular component is designed to be completely interchangeable however it does not stop there. As your business grows and your display… Read more »

Merry Christmas from VersaTruss

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The PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo and VersaTruss

PDN PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo is a great place to not only see the latest and greatest photography products and features but is also an excellent platform to see the detail and quality of the VersaTruss Modular Display Truss product line. The PDN PhotoPlu International Conference offers over 100 conference seminars for 2020 at… Read more »

Integrating Aluminum Truss into Your Trade Show Exhibit

As small companies grow, they quickly realize that simple backboard displays and tables no longer present their company to the professional level that they require to experience continued growth. If the company in question was lucky enough to start out with a modular truss trade show booth, growth and additional accessories would have been a… Read more »

Superior Display Truss Structures

The Ultimate Display Structure for your Trade Show Booth When it comes time to setting up your first trade show booth, the ultimate structure is the modular truss trade show booth especially for someone entering into the trade show display business. Creating your exhibit structure around a display truss foundation allows you complete flexibility in… Read more »

Why Are Trade Shows So Important

Trade Shows Have Become a Critical Ingredient for Company Growth and Stability More Than Ever The need for Companies and Corporate Identities alike to have a public front at trade shows, conventions and expos has increased to the point that it is almost success suicide if they choose not to participate in public exhibitions. The public… Read more »

Build an Amazing Trade Show Booth on a Small Budget

Truly amazing trade show booths that can compete with larger organizations can be accomplished on a relatively small budget. The first thing to do is purchase a tradeshow truss exhibit. A typical quality 10 x 10 trade show booth can be purchased in the neighbourhood of $2000.00. Considering the potential return on investment this is… Read more »

Automotive Trade Shows and VersaTruss

If you are into motor sports of any kind than you have to be familiar with the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo. The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo or more commonly known as the  (AAPEX) show has been the premier event featuring global aftermarket auto parts industry. Basically, a showcase of products like automotive lighting systems, sound… Read more »

Original Truss Archway at the SOBEWFF by VersaTruss

Not that long ago, we had posted an article about a new Archway that had been manufactured and delivered to  The Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival “SOBEWFF” for 2019. This entrance archway as seen to the left was a large square truss structure that was built for the new… Read more »